Jamie Carragher claims Cristiano Ronaldo has “added to” a Manchester United problem “rather than fixed it”.

The former Real Madrid and Juventus star made his glorious return to Old Trafford this summer and already has five goals in six appearances this season.

Despite that form and a 95th-minute winner against Villarreal in the Champions League last week, Ronaldo started from the bench on Saturday as United drew 1-1 with Everton.

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The Portugal international entered the fray in the second half with United 1-0 up, before Andros Townsend scored on the break for the Toffees and celebrated in Ronaldo style.

Ronaldo was chuntering away as he walked from the pitch, clearly not happy at starting on the bench at Old Trafford.

But Carragher claims the 36-year-old is not the answer to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s problems at United in any case.

The former Liverpool defender believes Ronaldo is simply another “individual” superstar, who hasn’t helped them to discover a true team bond.

He wrote in The Telegraph: “They remain a team of individuals rather than a team. Cristiano Ronaldo has added to that rather than fixed it.

“That’s why, despite a brilliant squad, they are not yet at the level of the other three.

“Dropping five points in their last two home games highlighted lingering inconsistency.”

Meanwhile, Gary Neville believes Ronaldo’s reaction to the draw with Everton has heaped “real pressure” on Solskjaer.

Neville said: “I watched the game and I watched him walk off. I can’t say I like it.

“Is Cristiano upset when he doesn’t play? Yes. If he upset when he doesn’t score? Yes. Is Cristiano annoyed as hell when the team doesn’t win? Of course. We know these things, he doesn’t need to prove that.

“He walked off the pitch muttering to himself which in some ways throws the questions up in the air. ‘What’s he saying? Who’s he annoyed with?’ And it can only come back to the manager.

“So I do think actions like that – Ronaldo is smart enough to know – will bring real pressure, more pressure on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

“It is what it is but I think that has to be managed in the next couple of months. Cristiano won’t always score and can’t play ever single game, but I think if he’s going to walk off like that it’s going to put immense pressure on Ole.

“There’s no doubt the talk after the game was about the manager.”

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